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Leaders for Life

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About the Movie


1h 27min


“Leaders for Life” is a groundbreaking documentary that seamlessly weaves together the numerous compelling facets of the life or death issues of abortion in America. How could someone who claims to be a Christian vote for anyone who supports abortion? Who or what is most to blame for the horrific culture of abortion in America? Featured interviewees Sam and Kevon Sorbo explain how there is no middle ground in this issue, pointing out that one is either for the murdering of unborn children or not.

The former co-host of Defending Life, Father Stephen Imbarrato, reveals the sad truth. Legalizing abortion in this country is government-sanctioned, government-protected, and government-funded through our tax dollars. Through classic footage obtained for this project, the true story of the personal transformation of the late Norma McCorvey is boldly revealed. Norma, the real-life Jane Roe of the Roe v. Wade case, explains in detail how the case was built upon lies and how she was mercilessly used by the pro-abortion movement to further their agenda of killing the unborn.

“Leaders for Life” also documents Norma’s conversion to Christianity through The Almighty, and a tool of the Lord, Flip Benham of Operation Rescue. Other interviewees of the film, David and Jason Benham, Flip’s twin sons, recount how in 1995 their father told them that he moved his office right next to the busiest abortion mill in Texas and Norma worked there. After some time, Norma became a woman who tirelessly fought to save the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable people among us—the unborn. She proved how God can use anyone for his good, even the biggest sinners of them all.

“Leaders for Life” exposes the Satanic lie that abortion has anything to do with true feminism and equality; it is merely the latest and most horrific iteration of child sacrifice. Abortion is a demonically-driven offering to Satan.

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