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Birth Rates Are Dropping Worldwide Post COVID-19 Vaccination—Here’s What Women Can Do

Birth rates have fallen all over the world “ominously,” said Dr. James Thorp, a practicing obstetrician gynecologist who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

This trend has been observed in the European Union using government data portals.

Countries like the UK have seen a deficit of nearly 5,000 births per month in the first two quarters of 2022 compared to previous years. This downward trend started after COVID-19 vaccination.

So how have things fared in the United States? There are mixed signals.

According to newly released CDC data, last year the United States was about a total of 3,000 babies short compared to 2021.

The lead author of the report said this is a very small change, so officials are treating it as a normal indicator of the overall declining birth rate trend. Since 2014, birth rates have been declining by 2 percent every year.

Despite that, there is something concerning happening on the ground that is affecting a portion of pregnant women.

At the end of last year, a nurse whistleblower released a letter from a hospital in Fresno, California. The letter described how the hospital was seeing an unprecedented rise in monthly stillbirths. Their rate was around 22 stillbirths and creeping higher. Thorp says that in the years prior to COVID-19 vaccination, the stillbirth rate was around 5.8.

“This is a 40-fold standard deviation surge in stillbirths that occurred only after the rollout of the vaccine,” said Thorp.

So what could be driving this?

Thorp said that the greatest risk to a pregnant woman is inflammation.

“To my understanding and my clinical experience, the most inflammatory agent ever introduced in medicine is the COVID-19 vaccines,” said Thorp.

Meanwhile, Dr. John Littell, a family physician from Florida who specializes in managing pregnancies, suspects that COVID-19 vaccines may be causing micro-clotting in the placenta.

“You just have to do whatever you can to prevent these small blood clots and to optimize the flow to the developing baby,” said Littell.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is still strongly recommending bivalent boosters “as soon as possible to maximize maternal and fetal health.”

Join Dr. Thorp and Dr. Littell on Frontline Health as they talk about concrete strategies pregnant women can take to protect themselves and their babies from the risks of COVID-19 vaccines.


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