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New York Implements Social Media Surveillance to Combat Hate Speech

NY Will Now Monitor Social Media for ‘Hate Speech’ | Crossroads

New York State will increase its online surveillance for so-called “hate speech,” and will confront people about their comments. New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced this in a recent speech, which is raising concerns the city could begin punishing people for otherwise lawful speech.

In other news, during CCP leader Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States, President Joe Biden called out Xi as being a dictator who leads a communist regime. Although the White House seems to be doing damage control, Biden appears to be standing by his statements. And the CCP’s reaction to all this is telling of the real situation in China right now.

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The CCP's United Front Against American Performing Arts Company | Special Feature

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Video Footage Shows Alleged 'Vote Buying' Scheme | Facts Matter

Earlier this month, reports emerged of a significant election fraud scheme that was allegedly conducted in plain sight. According to these reports, the scheme involved transporting homeless individuals from their shelters directly to polling stations. Once there, it's claimed that these individuals were essentially pressured or coerced into casting their votes, with the promise of receiving cash payments in return. This operation was not discreet, unfolding openly, which adds to the audacity of the alleged scheme. The details surrounding this case are quite remarkable, painting a picture of a well-orchestrated effort to manipulate the voting process by exploiting vulnerable populations for electoral gain.


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