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Top US Hospital: For Every Vaccine Dose, Rate of COVID-19 Infection Goes Up

FORT WORTH, TEXAS—A top U.S. hospital has a study in pre-print that shows the more COVID-19 shots their employees get, the higher their chance is of catching COVID-19 itself.

The Cleveland Clinic is the world’s largest network of hospitals and outpatient facilities.

“When a study comes out of Cleveland Clinic, people take it very seriously,” said Steve Kirsch on Frontline Health.

Kirsch is a tech entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

“The bottom line here is that if the medical community was honest, they need to now reverse the mandates,” he said.

“And by reverse mandates, I mean that every hospital in the world should now say, if you got the vaccine, you’re fired.”

The logic here is that if the vaccinated healthcare workers are more vulnerable to catching COVID-19, they pose a greater risk to patients. And since the U.S. is still in a state of emergency, Kirsch says that the hospitals need to stay consistent and protect their patients.

“They need to then rehire the [unvaccinated] people that they fired,” he said.

We spoke with Kirsch at the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) second Education Conference.


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