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Trump Answers Questions Backstage at CPAC | Facts Matter

Right before going onstage, former President Donald Trump held a mini-press conference behind the curtains at CPAC 2022 in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday.

He answered questions regarding the Hispanic community, pardoning non-violent Jan. 6 prisoners, his thoughts on Dick Cheney’s attack ad against him, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. Watch the full video here ( for streaming subscribers)

  • What is your message to the people of Taiwan? How would you fix that crisis if you were President?

  • July job numbers came out, and they didn't look as bad as people thought. But you dig into the numbers, and it looks like a lot of Americans are actually having to get second jobs. And that's what was reflected. Your thoughts on that sector of the economy.

  • Has anyone from the new ownership at CNN reached out to you to try to repair the relationship, and what do they need to do to regain credibility in the eyes of conservatives?

  • Do you have any message for Dick Cheney, as he's recently published an attack ad against you?

  • If you do decide to run in 2024 and take back the White House, will you pardon the non-violent January 6 political prisoners?

Watch the full video here ( for streaming subscribers)

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