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26 Seconds

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51 min


Every 26 seconds, a child is trafficked globally. "26 Seconds–ISIS Sex Slaves" is an unapologetic documentary that uncovers the horrors of sex trafficking in the Iraq region.

In raw and intimate interviews, the audience gets a shocking glimpse into the lives of children and women, which include vivid details of how each victim was captured or lured into the sex trade, the horrors of their captivity, and the commitment of each individual and non-profit organization in the fight to eradicate global sex trafficking.

The documentary chronicles the effort of our experts and their teams to rescue victims as we watch through heartbreaking footage of women and children that were rescued. ISIS not only committed genocide, but abducted Yazidis and Christian women and children as sex slaves.

This film will educate audiences and give voice to those who have been silenced. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal industry in the world. There are more slaves today than at any other time in history. The economic benefits of selling women and children are irrefutable. While there can be complex cultural and economic motivations at play, the sex trade is predicated on one undeniable reality: Every day around the world, countless boys and girls are bought, sold, and raped. This is a timely reminder of the value of vigilance in the fight for equality and freedom.