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About Us


Freedom of the press is the cornerstone of American democracy. Our citizens need a free and uncensored exchange of ideas to make informed decisions for their families and communities. Every free society deserves factual news and truthful reporting.


Today’s mainstream media does not meet journalistic standards or serve the needs of the public. It has an agenda to shape public opinion and create narratives that fit its own interest. Social media platforms engage in massive censorship and control what news reaches the public.


Freedom of speech is being threatened at every turn.


EpochTV delivers the cutting-edge investigative journalism you have come to expect from The Epoch Times. We dig deep every day to give you the real facts that make real news. Our lifestyle programming is designed to enlighten, inspire, and uplift your spirit. Our one-of-a-kind programs are created to improve the awareness and well-being of all our viewers.


EpochTV also produces arts and culture programming that is inspirational and uplifting. We present the best of today’s musical performance and traditional arts to preserve our common heritage. Our Lifestyle & Learning channel has educational family programs, and the latest developments in health and well-being. 


Our Epoch Cinema platform supports independent filmmakers and producers that want to leave a positive impact on the world with their cutting-edge investigative documentaries. In addition, our catalog of traditional American films provides the best in family entertainment.

EpochTV is not just another streaming platform. Our commitment is to provide unbiased news and factual reporting in all our programming. We present exclusive interviews, thought-provoking investigations, and award-winning documentaries.

In a climate of censorship and harassment, we bring you the stories that matter, and the truth that you deserve.

Please support EpochTV today.


Thank you!


The EpochTV Team

This website is for fundraising purposes. All products are sponsored or donated.
501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization, Tax ID Number: 22-3848589.


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