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Real Story of January 6 Part 2

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With the FBI calling its J6 investigations “bigger than 9/11,” Jan. 6, 2021 has marked a turning point in American history. 

In the three years since Jan 6, a historic criminal investigation into the incident has played out in a dramatic fashion across the country. As of now, J6 prosecutions have reached beyond the 1,000-case milestone, while the DOJ warned of more to come.

In “The Real Story of Jan. 6 Part 2: The Long Road Home,” Epoch Times journalist Joseph Hanneman reveals shocking evidence of how the wide-ranging prosecutions of Jan. 6 defendants have been handled with injustice. 

While “The Real Story of Jan. 6 Part 1” tells the real story of what happened that day, Part 2 will take an objective look at what has happened ever since—and the fine line between justice and political vengeance.

With legal expertise, personal stories of J6 defendants, Capitol security footage, and first-hand testimonies of FBI whistleblowers, this documentary delves into the truth of J6 criminal investigations, and how they have changed American life. The skepticism of opaque government processes has never been more intense than it is now regarding Jan 6 defendants, whose lives have never been the same. 

How are they being treated in court, in jail, and in the public eye? 

Are the sweeping prosecutions a justified cause? What does it mean to our constitutional rights and the future of this country?

What do the exclusive Capitol security tapes reveal about the full picture of January 6?

After three years of investigation by The Epoch Times, we’ve peeled back the countless layers of Jan. 6 to expose injustices and champion stories.

We take a closer look at some of the injustices done in the prosecution process, including depriving defendants of fair due process, long-term pretrial detention, the abuse of SWAT raids, advancing felony charges without substantial criminal evidence, mistreatment in jail, and more. All of the above marks a turning point in our justice system. 

What does America look like in the post-Jan 6 era?

How is the government using J6 as a springboard to inflate its “domestic terrorism” probe—and why?

And more importantly, how do we heal as a nation?