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Raid on America: A Special Documentary Report

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

This special report will premiere on Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 8:30 a.m. ET.

Watch the full special documentary report:

Are Donald Trump’s political opponents trying to stop him from running in 2024? The FBI’s silence over its raid of Trump’s Florida home has left many questions unanswered. Why not just subpoena Trump for the documents? Was such a broad search justified?

This is not the first time the FBI has launched an investigation around Trump. Allegations Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2015 presidential election consumed the first years of his administration. Once it was determined that he didn’t work with the Russians at all, many asked if this was simply political persecution. And if so, what role did the FBI play in the scheme?

This special documentary report examines the context behind the Mar-a-Lago. It also explores the choices the American people will need to make in the time ahead.

Trump is not only a former president. He is also the most likely person to be on the Republican presidential ticket in 2024.

Polls show the former President is still very popular among voters. His midterm endorsements are on fire. The president vowed to oust a sitting congressman and household name Liz Cheney after she voted to impeach him. Trump won.

So, given Trump’s popularity, was the raid organized as a way to beat him before any votes are cast?

What would that mean for America? Is our government no longer of the people, by the people, and for the people?

This special documentary report features interviews with:

Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to President Donald Trump

Roger Stone, political strategist

John Solomon, editor in chief, Just the News

Jesse Binnall, partner, Binnall Law Group

Jeff Clark, former Justice Department official

Jeff Landry, Louisiana attorney general

Kash Patel, former acting chief of staff, The Pentagon

Lee Smith, investigative journalist

John Mills, former director of Cyber Security Policy, Department of Defense

Richard Baris, director, Big Data Poll

Watch the full special documentary report:


Here is a survey, Americans' Take on the FBI's Trump Raid

38k+ people have participated in this survey already!

We need at least 100k to really know public opinion on this important event that affects all Americans.

Please ask your family and friends to take the survey!


Special Report: Behind The Trump Raid

What's really behind the raid on former President Donald Trump's residence in Mar-a-Lago? Why did the FBI target him now and what are the bigger implications for the country and people's trust in its institutions? In this joint special report by The Epoch Times and NTD key policymakers and subject matter experts provide their views.

Watch the full special documentary report:

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