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America is in a health care crisis that is hurting millions of Americans across the country. More than 200 hospitals nationwide, mostly in rural areas, closed in less than 20 years.  Over the next few years, more than 600 rural hospitals—nearly 30 percent of rural hospitals nationwide—are in financial distress and at risk of closing .

When hospitals close, people do not just lose the ability to access critical health care, the ripple effects reach far and wide, with many people losing jobs and local communities left in disarray. Life expectancy goes down while unemployment, crime, poverty, and death rates soar. 

“Flatline: America’s Hospital Crisis” is an Epoch Original Documentary that reveals the devastating situation of the hospital closures across the country, examining the root causes and the major players of this health care epidemic and its impact on the local communities. 

Directed by award-winning investigative journalist, TV broadcaster, and radio host Steve Gruber, the film focuses on the people and the personal stories of what it’s like for local communities to lose hospitals. Through the real-life stories of local residents, former hospital executives, former hospital workers, police officers, a retired judge, and interviews with health care experts and a hospital association executive, “Flatline” tells the story of “America’s Hospital Crisis” up-close and personal.


The voices of these residents in rural towns are loud and clear, America is facing a national emergency when it comes to health care that needs immediate attention even though it hasn’t received much media coverage to-date. The reality is that more hospitals will close and more lives will be lost if this crisis goes unresolved. This is critical information that every American needs to know and get prepared for, not just when you need to call 911. Longer travel times to hospitals may mean the difference of life or death.

But as this documentary explores, there are possible solutions and all hope is not lost.