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What Did Coke Do to a Cow’s Tooth After a Week of Soaking?

Across the globe, more than 1.9 billion servings of Coke-a-cola are dispensed to people on a daily basis. But do people realize what they’re putting into their bodies each time they down another can of #coke? Largely not, because the current coke formula is a closely guarded secret. What we know is that your liver, pancreas, gut, and even the hardest substance in the human body can be impacted by drinking this ‘black-magic potion.’

Would coke still be the number one American brand if people knew how much sugar it has in it?

One study soaked a cow’s tooth in coke for a week. The results were troubling, to say the least. Then there’s the study of 90,000 women, over eight years, comparing coke drinkers to non-coke drinkers. What they found could have you trading in your coke for an artificially sweetened alternative. But, even with sugar substitutes like sucralose and saccharin are you necessarily out of the danger zone?

The video no soft-drink drinker should miss on #VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon.


CLICK to watch the full video: What Did Coke Do to a Cow’s Tooth After a Week of Soaking?

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