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News Release: The Global War on Farmers, and the Push to 'Eat the Bugs'

Updated: Jul 25

SPECIAL INVITATION from FreedomFest Breakout Session: The Global War on Farmers, and the Push to 'Eat the Bugs' Epoch Original Documentary 'No Farmers No Food' Date: Thursday, July 13 Time: 3:10 pm - 4:00 pm Location: Room RF1/RF2

There are currently MAJOR schemes being hatched behind-the-scenes that will affect you and YOUR FAMILY’S lives. These "Green Policies" at the international level (the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum) are billed as necessary to "save the planet"—and are now starting to GO INTO EFFECT around the world … including right here in AMERICA. These policies sound beautiful on paper: save the planet, end hunger, and have gender equality. But in practice, they undermine our food security and represent a true EXISTENTIAL risk to our liberties as FREE citizens.

JOIN US on Thursday, July 13, at FreedomFest at 3:10 p.m. in Room RF1/RF2 where we’ll expose our findings from the past 12 months. We traveled the WORLD to figure out what’s behind the GLOBAL war on farmers, as well as the truth behind the push to get people to EAT THE BUGS. If you want to find out about the coming Global Food Crisis and what you can do about it, don’t miss this session—this event is a MUST ATTEND.

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Roman Balmakov Host, EpochTV's Facts Matter Roman Balmakov is the host of EpochTV’s "Facts Matter." He has traveled around the country as well as overseas covering protests, riots, food shortages, natural disasters, and elections. His latest documentary "No Farmers No Food" explores the globalist agenda behind the war on farmers.

Margaret Byfield Executive Director, American Stewards of Liberty Margaret Byfield serves as the Executive Director of American Stewards of Liberty (ASL), and is a natural resource policy expert with over 30 years experience. Her education began on Pine Creek Ranch in Central Nevada where her family became one of the first Western landowners targeted by the radical environmental agenda resulting in the 27-year legal battle, Hage v. United States.

Marc Morano Executive Editor/Chief Correspondent, Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano has authored numerous books on climate, energy, and the environment. He serves as executive editor and chief correspondent for CFACT’s award-winning, a news and information service he founded in 2009. In a 2019 study in the journal Nature, Morano was ranked the NUMBER ONE "climate contrarian" in the media! (#1 out of 386 skeptics).

Alex Newman Award-winning International Journalist, Educator, Author, Speaker, Investor, and Consultant Alex Newman currently serves as President of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc. He also serves as a contributor to The Epoch Times, a correspondent for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, foreign correspondent and senior editor for The New American magazine, a writer for WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a columnist for the Illinois Family Institute, and much more.


Official Trailer:

From Nicole Kidman to Zac Efron, celebrities have been promoting eating insects for years. But why?

Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source - the farming industry. Will dinner tables of crickets and worms become our new reality?

Our Goal Farmers are the backbone of our food system and they are being squeezed. Their personal experiences and perspectives matter. And we want to share their voices.


The Global War on Farmers, and Push to ‘Eat the Bugs’ | Facts Matter

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