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Race vs Class: The Same Ideology That Erased Freedom in China Is Taking Over America | The Beau Show

This episode features a CPAC interview with Xi Van Fleet, a woman who escaped Maoist China and endured the Cultural Revolution. Xi came to America to pursue the American dream, and now is speaking out against the cultural Marxism she sees taking over America and erasing our freedoms. Xi has confronted schools pushing critical race theory, most notably challenging the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia and exposing the similarities between communist Chinaā€™s division by class and Americaā€™s division by race. Xi has many things to fear from speaking out, but she says what she fears most is living under communism again. She wants to save America before it is too late, saying that if America ceases to be free, there is nowhere else to escape to.

Watch the video:

Welcome to The Beau Show, where we discuss topics related to faith, family, and freedom. In this episode, we'll dive into the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in the D.C area, where high-profile speakers addressed attendees, including Ted Cruz, Matt Gates, James O'Keefe, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, and Young Gun Vivek Ramaswamy. Of course, President Donald Trump also addressed the crowd, announcing his bid for the 2024 White House.

Now, what makes Trump's speeches stand out is how he addresses the audience as a partner. It's not "I, Donald J. Trump, did this or that," but "we did it," or "they are attacking my free speech because it's you that they're after." Trump's speeches are full of bravado and ego, but he knows how to rally his base by making them feel like they are part of something bigger.

Trump knows that the battle for America's future is happening right now, and he believes that we're engaged in an epic struggle to rescue our country from people who hate it and want to destroy it. The sinister forces trying to kill America have done everything they can to stop him and silence the people, but Trump believes that he's just standing in their way. He's standing up for us, the American people.

At CPAC, Trump won the presidential straw poll over Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, who spoke at the conference but clearly did not have the support of everyone for president. Trump took a more measured tone in his almost two-hour speech, calling out the Bidens and the globalists, but did not attack his Republican rivals the way that he might have been expected to.

However, he did mention some Republicans that he feels are part of the old establishment, saying, "We are never going back to the party of Paul ROV and Jeb Bush." Trump's MAGA movement is distinctly different from the GOP of old, and he wants to revitalize our failing buildings and roads and name them after American greats. He believes in renaming our schools and boulevards not after communists but after great American patriots.

This is in contrast to what leftists are doing, trying to remove our history and rewrite it according to whatever makes them feel better. Trump sees the difference in vision between the two sides. Leftists embrace Marxism, so they want to remove various statues, even of our great presidents and replace them with Marxists. Trump, on the other hand, is talking about revitalizing buildings and naming them after those who made this country great in the first place.

The issue of cultural Marxism is a hot topic in America today, and many Chinese Americans, like Xi Van Fleet, who fled communist China to come to America, are warning us about the dangers of this ideology. In a recent school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, she spoke out against critical race theory, which taught students to hate their country.

She compared critical race theory to the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution, which Mao Zedong created to divide people into classes and punish those who were counter-revolutionary. In the USA, we're seeing something similar with the push for diversity, equity, and inclusion, cancel culture, and the hypersexualization of content for minors. There's a movement afoot to propagandize our culture and punish any traditionalist.

Overall, Trump's speech at CPAC and the issue of cultural Marxism illustrate the deep divide in America today between those who want to preserve traditional American values and those who want to tear them down. Keep watching The Beau Show at for more on this topic and others related to faith, family, and freedom.

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