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The NIH Studied COVID-19 Vaccine Injured in 2021—What Happened to Their Treatment?

Americans who developed neurological complications from the COVID-19 vaccines are not being compensated by the government because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize such complications as safety signals.

“If they fail to recognize all these neurological complications, then the Department of Health and Human Services, through the CICP (Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program), is going to deny everybody that [doesn’t have] anaphylaxis, myocarditis, and blood clotting disorders,” said Dr. Joel Wallskog, founder of React19, a nonprofit that is supporting people injured by the COVID-19 shots.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wallskog said that another federal health branch—the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—is allegedly withholding an important study that could convince the FDA to recognize neurological events and widen the compensation window.

“Early on with the shot rollout, there were a lot of people [with] neurological complications. [The NIH] flew in 23 people, they studied them all, they developed a treatment program.

“They told these 23 people that they would investigate, and they would communicate this to the broader population. But somewhere in 2022, that communication with the 23 [people] just ended,” said Dr. Wallskog.

He believes the NIH never communicated their findings to the FDA.

“It’s insane. We know through React19 that the adverse neurological events are probably the most common adverse event,” he said.

React19 is a leading nonprofit organization that is supporting Americans injured by the COVID-19 shots.

To this day, they have awarded 81 grants to adults and children, totaling $562,000.

“Now compare that to our government. They’ve given out three grants to injured people, for an average of $1,500 and a total of $4,500.”


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Dan Skorbach: Dr. Wallskog, before we get into all of these topics, can you tell us how this journey started for you?

Joel Wallskog: I received my one Moderna shot on December 30th of 2020. And after getting that shot, it was somewhat uneventful. However, about seven days later, I woke up from bed and told my wife that my feet were numb. Within a couple of days after that, or certainly by the next week, I started having problems with balance, weakness in my legs, then I started falling.

In fact, I fell in a clinic room while talking to a patient. I was sitting in a chair and I tried to stand up, and I couldn’t stand. So I pushed myself up with my arms off the examining table and then fell. That’s when I knew something more was going on.

I really didn’t think about the shot at first. My symptoms started about seven days after. But I quickly got a diagnosis—after a bunch of testing and spinal tap, and labs, and MRIs—of transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord).

I have a demyelinated lesion (a localized, abnormal structure) on my spinal cord at about the T8-T9 level (middle back).

It took me another week or two to remember back to the AstraZeneca trial in the United Kingdom that got delayed twice for three cases of transverse myelitis. So that’s when I started putting my symptoms together with the [Moderna] COVID shot that I got.

Losing a Bustling Medical Career

Moving forward—2021 for me was a difficult year because I tried to go back to work. I took about a two week break, although my neurologist told me to take a two to three month break. But being the type “double” A personality that I am, I told him I’d take two weeks off.

I went back to work after a two week break. And literally that led me bed bound for about three days. So I realized that I was dealing with something much more serious. After that two week break, and then trying to go back to work for two days, I’ve never been back to work since. I just have never gotten better enough. In fact, some of my symptoms are worse today than even six months ago. But 2021 was kind of a time—Kubler Ross talks about the stages of grief— and really you kind of grieve losing your career. And I always say, professionally I’m devastated, but personally, I’m fine.

I’m fine personally, because I’m happily married to my wife of 21 years. I have four adult children who I’m very good friends with. And although I love my job and certainly had a passion for being an orthopedist, and in a very large busy practice—I never defined my identity by my job.

But I did certainly go through stages of grief professionally. And then you go through the next phase—anger.

From Abandonment to Helping 30,000 Americans

I was certainly very angry about the whole situation. The one thing that epitomized my experience of 2021 is abandonment. There’s no one there to help you. There’s no one there to guide you through financial stuff, and disability stuff, and trying to find a doctor that has any idea how to help you. So I was pretty angry for a while.

It wasn’t until November of 2021, when I got invited by Sen. Ron Johnson to go out to DC to speak at a roundtable press conference. For me, that was almost transformational. There were about ten of us who had really never met before, who spoke, met, commiserated. And I really left there knowing that that was my new mission.

We decided that we were going to try to make a real advocacy organization. We filed for a Wisconsin-based corporation. We filed for 501(c)(3) status and the rest is history.

We started with that core group of ten people and today, without trying, we now represent over 30,000 Americans that are injured by the COVID shots.

Mr. Skorbach: Wow, these are 30,000 that have contacted you or that you’ve worked with? Where do these numbers come from?

Mr. Wallskog: These are all people that have contacted us directly, and that are on our mailing list. And then we also consider all the people that are in our social media-based support groups. And those we have hard numbers on.

Taking Back Personal Responsibility

Mr. Skorbach: Tell us a little bit about these people. I know you gave out some grants. How else are you helping them?

Mr. Wallskog: I’ll give you a rundown of React19. We’re very science based. We’re very grassroots. We’re nonpolitical, although we admit we’re in a highly politicized environment. We’re here to give the injured hope and support. And we do that through three main missions: There’s a financial mission, there’s a physical mission, and an emotional mission.

Financially, we’ve given out grants to people through what’s called our care fund. The care fund gives out grants to Americans that are injured by the code COVID shots for uncovered medical treatment. Each grant can be up to $10,000. And all the money we raised is just raised through non-corporate, individual donors.

We’ve given out 81 grants for a total of over $562,000, with the average grant being over $6,800. Now compare that to the government’s compensation program—the CICP—that’s the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program. Now, I looked yesterday (May 4, 2023), they’ve given out three grants to injured people for an average of $1,500 and a total of $4,500. That’s our government. So the compensation program is horrible.

If you look at Australia, right now, a bunch of injured people are suing the government because they actually have rights to sue the government. We don’t, because of the Emergency Use Authorization and the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act—we can’t sue the government. But they are in Australia. In addition, Australia—I just looked at their numbers—they’ve given out 137 grants to injured people for over $7 million.

So while the U.S. led [Operation] Warp Speed and the development of the vaccines, they have really been—in first-world countries—in last place with regards to taking care of those that are injured.

Mr. Skorbach: They spearheaded it, but they’re not cleaning up the mess that the spearheading has made.

Mr. Wallskog: Exactly. We all know that certainly, there’s risks with any medication, there’s risks with any intervention. But we’re trying to say in a non-judgmental way that we did what we thought, at least at that point, was the right thing to do, and rolled up our sleeves and got a shot. Now we’re injured. But these people need help. So we do what we can to help them financially.

In the physical realm, we’ve created provider networks. We’ve created a medical provider network, we’ve created a mental health network. And I’m actually excited to say that we’re creating a spiritual network.

And these are just providers across the country that we’ve vetted, that we can put on our website and recommend to our injured populace. These are providers that won’t gaslight them, and that have some idea of available diagnostics and treatments.

Communist-Like Tyranny and Censorship

Mr. Skorbach: Just to go back to the gaslighting. It is very strange to me how the government or the media is so set that everything was perfect, nothing was wrong. Everything was done in such a “safe and effective” way that they do not even acknowledge the injuries. Or they gaslight people and say it’s in your head. For me, it resembles Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tactics, where you cannot even criticize the government.

Mr. Wallskog: I agree with you 100 percent. I can’t believe this is America. Again, I’m very reflective. I believe in individual liberty—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Right now, we live in a tyrannical world where I can literally speak data from the FDA and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), and I get called a “purveyor of misinformation.” How is it misinformation? It’s actually their information.

I’ll tell you a little story about when we were in DC. We spoke from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke. It was very inspirational. And we had a brand new video created for that event called “Silenced.” It was written by a vaccine-injured person, it was sung by a professional singer who was also shot-injured. And we debuted it. It was very impactful. And within eight hours, it was taken down by Vimeo as misinformation.

It’s a video about how we’re trying to fight censorship—you know, listen to our story, and don’t censor us. And literally, you can’t make it up. It was taken down within eight hours.

Mr. Skorbach: Strange times we’re living in. But for me, it’s the American ingenuity—that individual personal responsibility that people are taking—that’s what’s really nice to see. That we have organizations like yours that actually get stuff done.

You’ve dealt with a lot of people personally. Can you tell us about one of these people you’ve been able to help with this fund?

9 Year Old Vaccine-Injured Misdiagnosed as ‘Crazy’

Mr. Wallskog: Yeah, one really sticks out to me.

One thing about our organization is, I always say we’re a very proactive advocacy organization. We don’t mind confronting people that gaslight us, we don’t mind getting involved to really advocate for these injured [people].

So I’m going to tell you a story about a young girl. She’s eight to nine years old. Say her name is Riley. She lives out east.

She got misdiagnosed with functional neurological disorder. And I see this all the time, especially in children that get injured. The doctors can’t figure it out. So they slap a diagnosis of FND or functional neurological disorder. What that means is, the kid is crazy.

This child could not walk after their shot, and couldn’t control her bowel or bladder. She actually got admitted to an inpatient psychiatric ward because she was diagnosed as crazy for three weeks until we got involved.

We’re not a medical provider, but we certainly are well tied-in with a lot of medical providers. And we helped assist her in getting a real diagnosis—which was really CIDP or chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Kind of like a severe form of Guillain-Barré syndrome. It’s a nerve condition where you probably have an autoimmune attack from the shot, where the shot creates antibodies, and the antibodies want to fight the spike protein, but they make a mistake and also attack your neural tissue.

So we helped get her a diagnosis. Again, we’re not a medical provider, but then she also needed an intervention called IVIG, which is intravenous immunoglobulin. It’s a very expensive treatment. And unfortunately, because it’s considered somewhat experimental in this use, it’s not covered by insurance. So we used care fund money, gave her a grant of $10,000, and helped her get going in the IVIG treatment. This was, if I remember correctly, in the spring of 2022.

And so literally, this child, for six to nine months was in a wheelchair and diapers. After getting treatment in the spring and summer of last year, she got out of her wheelchair, she got out of diapers. And in September of 2022 she went back to school. So that’s how impactful our organization can be.

What we’ve also learned is—even the government knows that early treatment is better—the quicker you get to these people with their injuries, the better.

NIH Secret Study and Treatment Program

I don’t know if you’re aware, but there were 23 people that the NIH flew out to Maryland in 2021. Brianne Dressen, who is my co-chair, was one of them. That’s how I know a lot of details of this study.

Early on with a shot rollout, there was a lot of people with neurological complications. And [the NIH] flew out 23 people. They studied them all. They sent them home, they developed a treatment program that included IVIG. That’s who we got this information from that IVIG can help with these neurological disorders.

But that whole study, if you ask them now, we can’t even get a hold of it. It’s gone. And they never communicated with the FDA that this is food for investigation.

So reportedly there’s another group that’s being flown out. There’s a subgroup of people—after the shots—that are getting kind of like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. And the rumor mill in our community is [that] the NIH is flying another group out that, after the shot, had kind of similar Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS-type symptoms.

So, again, we’ve met with the house investigation team. We’ve talked to Peter Marks (FDA director) about this. The NIH—under Dr. Nath—they put out a preprint article. It’s on the preprint server of the 23 people, but they never tried to get it published. They told these 23 people that they would investigate, and they would communicate this to the broader population. But somewhere in 2022, that communication with the 23 just ended.

Why Neurological Vaccine Injuries Don’t Qualify For Compensation

So remember, to this day, the FDA does not recognize neurological problems as adverse events from the shots. It’s insane. And we know through React19 that neurological events are probably the most common adverse event. And why is that important? Well, for two reasons.

One, the FDA has to recognize it as a “safety signal” in order to notify the health care organizations and the providers across the country. The only things they’ve recognized are really directly caused by the vaccines are anaphylaxis—meaning acute allergy, you can’t breathe, throat swells—blood clotting and blood disorders, and then myocarditis. That’s it. So number one, if they don’t acknowledge these issues, the adverse events—certainly if they don’t admit transverse myelitis is causally related—so if they don’t admit to it, they don’t communicate with the providers in the street, [telling them] that they should be looking for it, and at least be aware of it.

Second thing is the compensation programs. The CICP uses what they admit as safety signals as reasons to compensate people. So if they fail to recognize all these neurological complications, then the Department of Health and Human Services, through the CICP program, is going to deny everybody that’s not anaphylaxis, myocarditis, and blood clotting.

Mr. Skorbach: So that’s why your organization is even more important to help these types of people, because you’re aware, you know what to do. And you’re using their own research and data to actually help people.

Mr. Wallskog: It’s easy. I mean—I won’t go in too much in the whole “safe and effective” comment. That drives me insane because it’s so much more complicated. But I always tell people, if your provider says the word “safe and effective,” run, because they clearly don’t understand this is more complicated. But the data is there. If you want to look at the efficacy of the new bivalent vaccine—bivalent means two—so it’s really the old Wuhan strain and BA.4, BA.5.

Go on the CDC website. Look at the circulating variants. Wuhan is extinct, and BA.4, BA.5 are extinct—they’re gone. So the bivalent vaccine doesn’t work.

Now if I say this somewhere on Facebook I’ll probably get banned for misinformation, although it’s directly from the CDC website. So the Twitter files—when we go back to censorship—the Twitter files were very important, because they clearly said, censor COVID vaccine injured people even if true, so as not to cause any vaccine hesitancy. That’s insane.

This transcript has been edited for brevity and clarity by Anna Varavva.


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