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Chinese Communist Party Police Station Opened in New York, a New Step in America’s Subversion

The new police offices established worldwide by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are just a continuation of other programs that have been going on for years, and all this is happening with governments’ collaboration.

A report released by the human rights group, Safeguard Defenders, shows how 30 overseas police service stations in 21 countries were set up by the Public Security Bureau in Fuzhou, China, from the beginning of 2018. According to Dongnan News, a media outlet backed by the Fujian provincial government, the first Chinese police center in New York, called Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station, was opened on February 16. The Epoch Times noted how Safeguard Defenders identified 54 overseas police service stations across five continents. But how is this possible? How can the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have police offices outside of China? In this Crossroads episode, host Joshua Philipp, with the help of Alex Newman, author and award-winning international journalist, will give the facts on how was this allowed to happen.

Newman starts by mentioning that this is actually not something new, as it has been practiced since at least 2011. He gives the example of the chief national security prosecutor Thomas Lindstrom in Sweden, who one year previously prosecuted a Chinese Communist spy who was convicted of “aggravated illegal espionage” against the Uyghur refugee community in Sweden. We can say the difference now is that the CCP is institutionalizing what they were already doing. Astonished by their boldness, the independent journalist emphasizes how this would not have been possible without the collaboration of Western governments. According to him, the US State Department has the means to shut down the CCP Police Station in a New York minute. It’s only that the holdovers from the Obama Administration were in many cases “cheerleaders for Communist China, and the CCP’s growing role in international affairs.”

Philipp adds how this all may have started with Zhou Yongkang, the former czar of China’s security services, who initiated a lot of these programs back in 2007. He further adds how CCP’s Operation Fox Hunt, that took place under the Obama administration and was meant to deploy agents on American soil to arrest Chinese dissidents, was also allowed to take place. Newman continues by mentioning that the Trump administration had a very difficult time with the Obama holdovers who were insisting that Communist China is great and encouraged its penetration of the international institutions. Now, with the Biden administration, the very same people are back on their posts at the State Department.

We’re not dealing with naivety, but a deliberate omission on behalf of U.S. officials in doing their jobs, and tacitly approving of such things to happen, according to Newman. It’s hard to say they don’t have an idea about what is going on, when all over the Western world Chinese “consular officials” have a task of handing out flyers discriminating against Falun Gong—a spiritual practice rooted in Buddhist tradition, with 5 gentle exercises, and a moral code based on the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance—against the Uyghurs, Tibetans, Taiwanese, and intimidating and harassing people. Newman gives the example of two resolutions passed by the U.S. Congress, one in 2004 and the other in 2010, which stated that “Chinese diplomats were actively harassing and persecuting Chinese dissidents into the United States,” breaking into the homes of activists, pressuring U.S. officials with threats, and spreading misinformation. These resolutions also mention how “the Chinese Government attempted to silence the Falun Gong and Chinese pro-democracy groups inside the United States.”

When it comes to the CCP’s co-opting of international organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Human Rights Council, the United Nations (UN), or the Interpol, Newman mentions that the Interpol doesn’t have much authority. They’re mostly a mechanism of governments collaborating to catch offenders that need to be prosecuted for their crimes. The problem is it has always been a mechanism used for abuse by totalitarians, and he gives the example of the institution falling into Nazi’s hands during WWII, and becoming its tool. Today, from 2016 to 2018, we had Meng Hongwei, a Communist Chinese agent, as the president of the Interpol. Hongwei is currently facing a 13 year jail sentence. The Communist Chinese Government openly and publicly said that one of the reasons he was arrested was because he wasn’t faithfully obeying party orders, according to Newman.

Newman moves on to the United Nations, mentioning how the Communist Chinese espionage machine, which is more massive than any other governments’, has leverage over many of the people that would be able to go out and talk about all this, and the UN is infiltrated with the CCP’s minions. Not all of these members need to be CCP members or Chinese nationals, many of them may be members of communist parties of other countries. This contributes a lot to maintaining a state of paranoia in order for others to remain quiet out of fear of being reported. Everybody should know that the CCP members working for the UN are first and foremost loyal to Beijing, and not to the UN, despite their oath to serve the interests of the international organization.

The conversation between the two continued with the giving to the World Health Organization global control of pandemics, and giving the Director General of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian communist put in power by the CCP, the sole authority to declare in a public health emergency of international concern. They also emphasized the end goal of making the UN accumulate more power to centralize more and more with the purpose of achieving global governance, with the creation of a World Federation.

This episode came as a reminder and wake-up call for all of us that stopped seeing the Chinese Government as a communist regime, due to its reformed market economy after the fall of the Soviet Union. The CCP brought trickery, malevolence, and struggle, the essential characteristics of communism, to everywhere around the world. The CCP is still the world’s major communist power, remaining faithful to its founding ideological principles.


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Obama Holdovers Allowed the Chinese Communist Party's Subversion of America: Alex Newman

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has established police offices on American soil, and this is a continuation of other programs the regime has been pushing to extend its tyrannical policies beyond its borders. According to Alex Newman, author and award-winning international journalist, much of this exported abuse has been allowed to happen through Obama holdovers in the U.S. government.

We speak with Alex Newman about the CCP's overseas police forces, how they target and abuse anyone who opposes the regime, and how individuals still working in the U.S. government have allowed this to happen.

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