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Featured: Raise Nation’s Debt Limit?!

Updated: Jun 3

1, Should We Raise the Debt Ceiling AGAIN? Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy Made a Deal... | Crossroads

A debt deal has been made. President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have agreed to again raise the debt ceiling. This essentially means digging the country deeper into debt, while making it appear they’re solving the debt problem. At the same time, however, it shows a bipartisan deal, but Republicans and Democrats remain divided on the deal.

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Elon Musk is embracing the American spirit, and has decided to openly disobey the governments of Europe. He is now pulling Twitter out of a European censorship agreement. And by doing so, the world will witness how much authority the European censorship police can exert on a business. And in other news, Donald Trump has put his money where his mouth is. The former president and leading candidate for 2024 has begun ballot harvesting. By putting in practice something he previously opposed, he is now engaging in the new way elections are run... WATCH HERE 👉 - 🔴 Get unlimited access to EpochTV for just $1:


2, LIVE: House Expected to Vote on Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling


3, Congressman Says No to 'Fiscal Responsibility Act' to Raise Nation’s Debt Limit

The House is voting on the debt ceiling bill Wednesday night, and both Republican and Democratic leaders in the House are claiming victories. What do they say and why do some insist the deal is problematic?

Congressman Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) joins us to offer his perspective on the debt ceiling talks. We ask him how he plans to vote. There are the highlights from a Senate hearing on the Chinese Communist Party's dangerous influence. The Justice Department is suing the West Virginia governor's son and his family's coal mining business. The Department of Justice alleges his companies failed to pay fines for violating environmental regulations.

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4, DEBT Ceiling HIT! What Happens When Federal Government Runs OUT of CASH | Crossroads

The U.S. government is expected to run out of money to pay its debts by as early as June 1, the U.S. Treasury says.

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