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Epoch Cinema Documentary Review: ‘Under the Skin’

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


Interestingly, the public knows very little about what ingredients are contained in vaccines. Many folks have trusted their governments, as well as gigantic pharmaceutical corporations, to the extent that they merely roll up their sleeves when prompted to take vaccines. Other people were forced to take the more recent COVID-19 vaccines or lose their livelihoods, despite not knowing what they consisted of.

Award-winning Austrian documentary filmmaker and journalist, Bert Ehgartner, has long covered both the pharmaceutical and medical industries, in films such as 2021’s “Corona.Film,” and 2013’s “The Age of Aluminum.” One of his latest films, “Under the Skin,” delves further into aluminum additives contained in vaccine adjuvants. Adjuvants are agents that are added to vaccine drugs in order to increase their natural immune response within patients.

The film, brought to you by EpochTV, kicks off by showing a multitude of slickly-produced, fear-based advertisements announcing the first vaccine for papillomavirus (HPV) being approved in 2006. HPV is an infectious disease contracted through sexual contact. Although most people don’t know they have HPV and don’t show any symptoms (it may even go away on its own), sometimes the disease can develop into cancer of the cervix, anus, penis, vagina, and vulva. The advertising campaign was mainly targeted toward young females in order to prevent cervical cancer.

But soon, many unusual side effects began to surface all over the world by those who’d taken the vaccine. For instance, in Japan, women who’d taken the HPV vaccine began experiencing extreme seizures. This prompted the Japanese Ministry of Health to take the HPV vaccine off of the list of recommended vaccines in 2013. This, in turn, caused the percentage of those vaccinated to drop from 70 percent to less than 1 percent.

Danish clinician and researcher Dr. Jesper Mehlsen discusses issues with the HPV vaccine in “Under the Skin.” (Ehgartner & Moll Filmproduktion)

In many countries that have continued to promote HPV vaccines, such as Denmark, many doctors published studies on findings that point to the dangers of these vaccines on biological lifeforms. They were mainly based on multitudes of case studies involving young women who became severely ill just after taking the HPV vaccine.

Safety Warning Sent

Denmark sent a collection of these findings, in the form of a major safety warning, to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), encouraging the agency to investigate the matter. However, the Danish doctors and their medical studies were dismissed. Due to a large number of complaints by young women, Danish hospitals set up specialized clinics to help them.

Throughout the documentary, we see a number of young women from around the world who have experienced very similar symptoms just after taking the HPV vaccine. These symptoms typically include (but aren’t limited to) headaches, fatigue, chronic pain, and fainting.

One particularly heartbreaking case involves the Aldea family, consisting of father August, wife Petra, and their daughter Paula. Paula had recently taken the HPV vaccine and was at a bus stop when she called her father sobbing—she felt an intense pain in her back and in a short amount of time, became paralyzed. These days, she lives as an invalid under the care of her mother.

August Aldea (R) and his wife Petra recount what happened to their daughter Paula in “Under the Skin.” (Ehgartner & Moll Filmproduktion)

Vaccines for Sheep

Interestingly, humans haven’t been the only ones affected by mass vaccination campaigns. In Spain, for instance, veterinary pathologist Dr. Lluis Lujan, recalls a time when hardly any vaccines were used on one of Spain’s major food stocks—sheep. But over the years, more and more vaccines were used on sheep in order to combat diseases.

This culminated in the European Union ordering all of Spain’s sheep herds to be injected with a vigorous vaccine schedule that consisted of many vaccine shots within shorter and shorter timespans. Soon, sheep farmers began finding that newborn sheep had higher and higher mortality rates and that the ones that did survive, were sickly.

As a result, Dr. Lujan conducted an experiment. He designated three groups of sheep with different colors—green, yellow, and red. While the green group was given a placebo, the yellow and red groups were given several vaccine injections.

Fellow scientists then watched recordings of the different sheep groups and their behavior. While the green placebo group displayed more signs of affection toward other sheep in their group, sheep within the yellow and red groups were much more aggressive, and also had higher levels of stress.

Spanish veterinary Dr. Lluis Lujan in “Under the Skin.” (Ehgartner & Moll Filmproduktion)

Both the human and sheep vaccines contain aluminum particles as adjuvants, which are suspected by many in the international medical community (such as the Danish and Spanish doctors), to be the cause of the aforementioned medical problems.

This is a very informative documentary that contains in-depth interviews with both medical experts, as well as those who have been negatively impacted by the HPV vaccine, as well as the more recent COVID-19 varieties. It also shows their common denominator—aluminum adjuvants.

On a broader scale, this excellent film illustrates the conflicts of interest between both academic research institutions and the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma), and how they hinder the ability to conduct genuine scientific investigations into matters considered to be off-limits to vaccine manufacturers.

Watch “Under the Skin” on Epoch Cinema here.

Under the Skin’ (Ehgartner & Moll Filmproduktion)

Director: Bert Ehgartner Running Time: 1 hour, 35 minutes MPAA Rating: Unrated Release Date: 2021 Rated: 4.5 stars out of 5

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