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Killing a Criminal in Self-Defense: Uncovering the Neely Case on Crossroads

Former Marine Daniel Penny was arrested for the killing of Neely. He’s now facing charges of manslaughter and holds that he acted in self-defense.

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If someone you love were threatened, or even get physically attacked, do you have the right to defend them? And even more so, when police are being defunded and when criminals are being released on the streets, do you have a right to protect yourself? Do you have to just let things happen? Do you just watch while innocent people get victimized by criminals? Well, this question is what’s currently on trial in New York.

This is the case of Jordan Neely. Now, if you read most news outlets on the left, you’ll hear the 30-year-old black man was a street performer and Michael Jackson impersonator. That his friends said he was a sweet kid. And that he later became homeless and suffered from mental disabilities.

If you read news outlets on the right, you’ll hear he was arrested 42 times between 2013 and 2021. In 2015, he was convicted for four months after trying to kidnap a 7-year-old girl. He was caught dragging the child down a street in Inwood. Then in 2021, he was arrested for punching a 67-year-old woman in the face as she exited a subway train in New York’s East Village. He broke the nose of the elderly woman and fractured her orbital bone. He plead guilty, he was facing 15 months in an alternative-to-incarceration program, he skipped his court date, and had a warrant out for his arrest since February.

Both sides of Jordan Neely’s story are true. He was a talented dancer who suffered from mental problems and had become a criminal menace in New York. The justice system was repeatedly letting him off the hook. Even outside of his arrests, people were posting online about personal experiences of being threatened or attacked by Neely.

And then on May 1, Neely was allegedly threatening passengers on a New York subway car. A former U.S. Marine intervened and restrained Neely with a chokehold while two other men helped subdue him. Neely lost consciousness, and the men placed Neely in a recovery position, yet Neely died.

Nobody was initially charged. Video of the incident was limited to when Neely had already been restrained. And the video quickly was picked up by political actors to play into the country’s race narratives.

Democrat Representative Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter a couple of days later that “Jordan Neely was murdered.”

Others on the far left came forward also to criticize the case as being about race, and to suggest that justice was needed. Although, even among Democrats, not everyone was in agreement.

The political attacks sounded like a dog whistle to radical groups in New York. A few dozen protesters went viral when they jumped on the subway tracks and forced a Q train to slam on its breaks.

It also turned out the protesters were not grassroots protesters. They were with an organization called Voices of Community Activists and Leaders, which has funding from billionaires including Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg through the Forward dot U-S Education Fund, and radical left billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundations.

And it also turned out that the radical organization that staged the subway protest had previously teamed up in other protests with the Young Communist League of the Communist Party USA.

The outright communist group was also involved in the Neely protests, and stated in a tweet, “Thank you to all our comrades who answered the call today! We’re just getting started!”

And the communist connection to the whole staged protests, brings the whole incident full circle, right back to Representative Ocasio-Cortez being the frontrunner in calling for charges in the case. Justine Medina, a former aide of AOC, is a member of the Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party and is co-chair of the New York Young Communist League. That’s the same group that staged the subway protest.

So let’s dig into this… Soros finances the campaigns of radical district attorneys letting criminals off the hook. A criminal is killed by people defending themselves when the city’s justice system fails. A radical congress member, whose political campaign was notably assisted by a media network with funding from Soros, comes out and calls for arrests. Then a radical group funded by Soros stages a protest while being backed by a communist group tied to that same politician, also calling for arrests. Seems there’s a lot of overlap here.

Regardless of the Soros “above and below” strategy at play, former Marine Daniel Penny was arrested for the killing of Neely. He’s now facing charges of manslaughter and holds that he acted in self-defense.

So is this really about crime then? Is it really about justice? Or is it about something else? Well, it’s not clear. But what we can say is that the narratives aren’t lining up. Many politicians who called for Penny’s arrest were simultaneously criticizing the use of justice. They were noting that young men are being sent to prison when in reality many just need help. Yet, they did this while also calling for Penny to be sent to prison.

Others were more direct. Others suggested this may not be about manslaughter, or about justice, or about mental health. Instead, they’re saying this is about race.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams flip-flopped on this point. He appeared on CNN and criticized AOC for claiming that Penny murdered Neely. Let me show you:

“Well, both the congresswoman and the comptroller — the comptroller is a citywide leader — and I don’t think that’s very responsible at a time when we’re still investigating the situation.”

But then Adams followed this with race-based narratives on the case.

Well, for conservatives it’s not about race. Instead, it’s about whether you’re allowed to defend yourself. The case has become a symbol of what’s wrong with defunding the police, and whether people are being selectively prosecuted based not on the crime, but based on the color of their skin. And when people like Adams make it about race, other people start wondering if the case would be treated differently if race wasn’t an issue.

This is partly why people like the rock star, Kid Rock, donated $5,000 to Penny’s defense fund. It’s why even politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are getting on board to fundraise for Daniel Penny.

And it’s also why people are now bringing up the idea of self-defense. Al Sharpton, for example, was stating that if Penny was not charged, it will encourage others to become vigilantes.

And this is where many cities in the United States are now at. The common view, at least among conservatives, is this: police have been made unable to do their jobs. The courts appear to have a swinging door. Violent maniacs like Neely are allowed to attack people, harass people, and generally cause a menace. Nobody will protect you. And so what are your options? Even if you see others being attacked or harassed, should you do anything to help them? Should you allow them to be attacked? Or do you face going to prison if you step in to help?

Back in 2021, we watched in shock at what took place in Pennsylvania. Passengers on a train in the Philadelphia area just watched as a woman was raped on a train. Nobody stepped forward to help her. They listened to her cries, and they allowed it to happen. And it raised the question of what we become as a society if people don’t stand up against evil.

In the natural world, self-defense is written into the DNA of life. Even bugs have the means to defend themselves. Nearly every creature on earth has been given by God a means to defend itself, whether with claws, teeth, stingers, or other means. Humans create tools, like swords and guns, to defend themselves. And this has held true throughout all human history. The right to self-defense is the right to life. And the right to guard life is one of the main pillars of the law.

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