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Zuby: The “Pandemic of Cowardice” that Contributes to the Moral Decline of Society

The world slipped downward day by day because we allowed it to happen by not holding our ground and censoring ourselves.

Facing attacks and remaining steadfast in the current cultural war is actually a lot easier than people think it is, according to Zuby, an independent rapper and author, and the guest of this Crossroads episode.

The government, Big Tech, and social media play a big role in censorship, but the main factor here is people censoring themselves because they’re unwilling to say things that are objectively true. This behavior can influence others also, which leads to a “pandemic of cowardice” that’s been unfolding for the past 10 years. When it comes to common sense, Zuby encourages people to defend it and not be afraid of the repercussions of speaking out to state opinions or objective facts.

We’re hearing more often that the world has gone crazy. When we ask ourselves how it got to this point, the answer is that we let it happen. People need to have the courage to stand up and say “no” when someone is trying to force something on them, be it a vaccine mandate, or addressing someone with made-up pronouns. “A silent majority is weak when faced with a vocal minority,” Zuby continues and points out that such tribulations can’t be overcome by remaining passive. If the minority is not afraid of saying opinions that are nonsensical, then, even more, should the majority not be afraid of expressing opinions that are sane?

The situation today is not about empathy, compassion, tolerance, or helping people with certain conditions to fit in. Instead, it’s all about force and coercion. Zuby gives the example of an adult who identifies himself as a chicken, puts on a chicken costume, eats birdseed, and runs around clucking. He further explains that he finds it weird and doesn’t understand why a man would want to behave that way, but he supports his right to do it. The problem comes when one is forced to say this person is a chicken, and to treat and address him as a chicken.

He further discusses freedom of religion, and freedom from religion. As a Christian, he has the right to his beliefs and the right to pray, but he does not have the right to force others to accept the Lord Jesus as their savior or force people to believe God exists under the threat of punishment or coercion or calling others names if they do not agree with his religious views. “We live in one of the most Godless time periods ever in the West, but one of the most religious,” Zuby continues, referring to the dogma from the past seen today in the form of pseudo-religions and secular ideologies. If centuries ago a person would call nonbelievers names, or use threats or violence to force others to convert, that person would have been considered a zealot, or an extremist.

According to Zuby, many of the views and ideologies today were even shunned by liberals and progressives 10 to 15 years ago, such as allowing males to compete in female sports, or trying to force surgeries or hormone treatments on children. The conversation between host Joshua Phillip and Zuby points out how basic reality today is being called into question and we are experiencing an “inversion agenda.” Men are women, women are men, wrong is right, right is wrong, and morality is immorality, which is a very dangerous place for a society and culture to be in.

The rapper reiterates his belief that not even more than 10 percent of the population is on board with these ideas, but he understands why people choose to self-censor. First, when those people follow how these ideologies infiltrate the institutions, schools, and movies while trying to warn of what is about to unfold, they sound like they’re crazy. Second, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, those who talked about not losing their freedoms and saw compliance for what it was, were called “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” “grandma killers,” “pro-Covid,” and so on, and went through a lot of difficulties. Even so, Zuby believes that the power is in the people, and he believes that enforcing that power of deciding for yourself and holding your ground can be a bit scary in the beginning, but eventually becomes a very rewarding experience.

Looking at history, we can observe that just because something is legal or mandated by the government doesn’t mean that it’s correct or moral. Zuby gives the example of the most heinous regimes that led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people, such as Nazism, various forms of communism, or different totalitarian regimes that were all “legal.” Even more, those protesting against them were the ones breaking the law.

One of the mistakes most people tend to make today is to believe history is over. They believe we’re done with wars and pandemics, and we’ve reached a level of advancement, but in actuality, history is still unfolding. Zuby makes this point by thinking of the people in the year 1910 that were morally sound when science was also booming, but none of them could imagine that there were going to be two catastrophic world wars and genocides coming very soon. The difference today is that we have better technology and access to history, so the rapper encourages us to investigate authoritarian regimes, examples of tyranny, and where things go wrong to learn from it. This way we won’t find ourselves following the same ideas again, such as putting the collective above the individual, sacrificing human beings for strange notions, turning against our friends, families, and neighbors, and going along with the government and media propaganda with no questions at all. Most importantly, he encourages everyone to think critically and have the courage to speak when seeing something that’s going wrong.

The consequences of not speaking up are in the long term far more severe, continues Zuby, than the consequences of holding your ground. He wishes people would break away from their fears that are largely overblown, and think about the question “What type of world, culture, and society do you want your children to inherit?”

This was a very needed discussion that made some very good points, and certainly could be continued in the future. The morality in our society is declining day by day, and we need to decide if we’ll be going along with the current and continue to contribute to the decline, or if we can break away from our fears and have the courage to support what is right.


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